THURSDAY, APRIL 4, 2019 9:00AM


The meeting was called to order at 9:04am by Chairman Mr. Mark Myers.  Mr. Myers gave the invocation and led The Pledge of Allegiance.

Present: Stephanie Berault, Martin Bruno, Kurt Bozant, Irma Cry, Kevin Davis, Martin Jackson, Mark Myers, and Kathleen Wilkin. Also present Kathy Lowrey, Valerie Waeltz and Kelly Baudoin. Absent: Martin Patel, Carrie Calvin, Thomas Shinn & Darrell Smith.

A quorum was present.

There was not a quorum present for the meeting on March 6, 2019. The Board moved to the reading and approval of the February 7, 2019 and March 6, 2019 meeting minutes. A motion to accept the minutes was made by Mr. Martin Bruno and seconded by Ms.  Irma Cry. Both sets of minutes were unanimously approved.

The meeting then moved to Old Business. Ms. Lowrey informed the Board that Legislation SB35 was pre-filed and referred to the Committee on Local & Municipal Affairs. A resolution of support was passed by the Parish Council and the City Council is working with Bill Borchert on a resolution.

Ms. Lowrey then provided an update on Lobby Lounge ticket sales for the upcoming show on April 18, 2019. An overview of Friends of the Harbor Center event, Bayou Bark Fest was also provided. Then, the Board was informed of purchases the Friends’ Board is discussing to enrich the facility. Ms. Lowrey also informed the Board of an upcoming presentation to the Military Road Alliance regarding the rebranding and invited all Board members to attend.

The Board moved on to discuss different insurance options and requested quotes for various coverages to review. An option of adding cyber liability coverage was discussed.  Martin Bruno moved to accept this action and Irma Cry seconded.  This was accepted unanimously.  The Board also discussed increasing umbrella coverage, therefore increasing premium. The motion to decline an increase was made by Martin Bruno and seconded by Mr.  Kurt Bozant. The Board agreed unanimously.

Ms. Lowrey notified the Board that the company of Heinz & Macaluso has offered to lock their audit fee for the 3 years of 2018, 2019, & 2020. This was motioned to accept by Kurt Bozant and seconded by Martin Bruno. The Board agreed unanimously. Ms. Lowrey also told the board that The Harbor Center will not be required to conduct an ACT 774 Agreed Upon Procedures Audit for 2018 because there have been 3 consecutive audits without findings. Mr. Mark Myers then moved on to the reading of the Audit Questionnaire for review. The Board accepted the questionnaire as is unanimously.

Ms. Lowrey reminded the Board to please complete the Ethics Training for 2019 and provide a certificate. The Financial disclosure is due by May 15th.

The meeting then moved on to New Business.  Ms. Lowrey reminded the Board that a quorum must be present for the May 2, 2019 meeting. The Bond Millage for 2019 will be discussed and voted upon so that it may be submitted prior to June 1, 2019.

Ms. Lowrey also let the Board know that the Sheriff’s Office delivered a letter regarding proposed legislation to move the collection of sales taxes from the local level to the state level. The move was then discussed. Ms. Stephanie Berault suggested a motion to oppose the change, but to support the change regarding online sales tax only. Mr. Kevin Davis suggested not to motion yet, but to invite Sean McManus to the next meeting to explain more thoroughly what this kind of change indicates. Stephanie Berault withdrew her motion.

Ms. Lowrey began the General Manager’s Report by giving the Board the quotes received from various Landscaping companies. The price differences were negligible. The decision was made to stay with the current company providing services.

Ms. Lowrey then told the Board of some updating of The Harbor Center to reflect the new re-branding that had taken place. She also reminded the Board of the upcoming Chamber Expo event and that the Harbor Center did have a booth.

Ms. Valerie Waeltz then presented the sales report. Following this, Kevin Davis motioned to adjourn which was seconded by Kurt Bozant. The meeting was adjourned.