The meeting was called to order at 9:02 am by Board Chairman, Mr. Mark Myers.

Mr. Martin Bruno gave the invocation and Mr. Myers led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Ms. Kathy Lowrey led roll call. Present: Stephanie Berault, Kurt Bozant, Martin Bruno, Kevin Davis, Mark Myers, Thomas Shinn, Darrell Smith, Don Thanars, Betty Thomas, and Kathleen Wilkin. Absent: Donna O’Daniels, and Athena Tzuanos. The quorum was met. Also present: Kathy Lowrey, Kelly Baudoin, and Valerie Waeltz.

There were no guests. There was no public comment.

Mr. Myers asked for a motion to approve the agenda. Mr. Bruno moved to approve, Mr. Bozant seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.

Mr. Myers then asked for a motion to approve the meeting minutes from January 5, 2023. Mr. Thanars pointed out two items to be corrected in the minutes. Mr. Bruno motioned to approve the amended minutes, Mr. Thanars seconded the motion, Mr. Smith abstained due to absence, and it otherwise passed unanimously.

Mr. Shinn provided the Treasurer’s Report. He notified the Board that a date needed to be set for the financial committee to meet again. He then gave a quick review of the current financial statement. Mr. Bozant motioned to approve the Treasurer’s Report, Ms. Berault seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

The meeting then moved to Old Business. Ms. Lowrey updated the Board on the expansion project. She noted that she had received the Drainage Review letter and the Traffic Analysis and that both had been submitted to St. Tammany Parish. She also noted that the second advertisement for The Request for Bids had run the previous day and gave the Board the dates for the upcoming Pre-bid Conference and the deadline for the bid submissions.

The meeting proceeded to New Business. Ms. Lowrey informed the Board that the Harbor Center’s contract with the ATM company that is currently being used was up for renewal. Her recommendation was to renew. Mr. Bozant motioned to approve the renewal, Ms. Berault seconded the motion and it unanimously passed. Ms. Lowrey also updated the Board on the previous Financial Committee meeting where rate increases were discussed. The committee recommended an increase of 8% and also discussed implementing smaller annual increases to reflect the rate of inflation. Lastly, Ms. Lowrey informed the Board that The Harbor Center would like to host a luncheon for local elected officials to introduce and help familiarize them with the facility in order to gain greater support. She mentioned that The Friends of the Harbor Center have already agreed to funding the luncheon.

Ms. Lowrey then gave the General Manager’s report. She notified the Board that the sewer lift pumps were to be repaired the week of March 6.

Ms. Waeltz then gave the Sales Report.

Mr. Myers asked for any comments from the Commissioner’s. Mr. Smith wanted to let the Board know that a friend of the community, Mr. Jay Rose, had recently passed away. Mr. Myers gave a brief update on the Lobby Lounge.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:31.

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 2, 2023, at 9 am.

Respectfully Submitted,

Kelly Baudoin