The meeting was called to order at 9:01 am by Board Chairman, Mr. Mark Myers.

Mr. Myers gave the invocation and then led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Ms. Lowrey led roll call. Present: Stephanie Berault, Mark Myers, Thomas Shinn, Betty Thomas, Athena Tzuanos, and Kathleen Wilkin. Absent: Kurt Bozant, Martin Bruno, Carrie Calvin, Kevin Davis, Donna O’Daniels, Gregory Parke, Darrell Smith. The quorum was not met. Also present: Kathy Lowrey, Kelly Baudoin, and Valerie Waeltz.

Guests included Ron Blitch and Robert Allbritton from Blitch Knevel Architects. There was no public comment.

Mr. Myers tabled the approval of the minutes from September 16, 2021, to the following meeting due to lack of a quorum.  Ms. Kathy Lowrey then read the Treasurer’s Report.

The meeting then moved to Old Business. A presentation on The Harbor Center meeting room expansion was provided by Blitch Knevel Architects representatives, Mr. Blitch and Mr. Allbritton. Ms. Lowrey then updated on the status of the marquee, stating that the land owner has requested quotes to raise the electrical box and pour the driveway. She also stated that two additional quotes were being sought from A-1 and Industrial Signs to redo the marquee’s logo. Ms. Lowrey also updated the board on the monument sign being placed on the boulevard, stating that a location had been secured and that a permit had been applied for.

There was no new business.

Ms. Lowrey then provided the General Manager’s report. Mr. Bozant and Ms. Wilkin have been reappointed to another term on the Board. Ms. Calvin has decided not to renew her term. Ms. Lowrey also informed the Board that the financial audit presentation will take place on November 4, at the next Board meeting. Ms. Lowrey also shared that The Harbor Center was again voted one of the South’s best meeting sites for Convention South magazine. She stated that this is the 11th year the Harbor Center has received that honor.  Then, Ms. Lowrey notified the Board that the Harbor Center’s Friends Board would be co-sponsoring a free community event, the Bayou Relief Tour with Amanda Shaw for Hurricane Ida relief on October 24. Lastly, Ms. Lowrey updated the Board on Harbor Center sponsored upcoming events, Lobby Lounge on October 19 and The Louisiana Food Truck Festival on December 4.

Ms. Waeltz then presented the sales report.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:04 am. Mr. Shinn motioned to adjourn, and Ms. Berault seconded. It was unanimously agreed upon. The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday,

November 4, 2021, at 9 am.

Respectfully Submitted,

Kelly Baudoin