The meeting was called to order at 9:02 am by Board Chairman, Mr. Mark Myers.

Mr. Myers read the certification to hold the Board Meeting via Zoom.  Mr. Smith moved to accept the meeting be conducted via Zoom.  Mr. Davis seconded the motion.  All members voted to accept.

Mr. Myers then gave the invocation and led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Ms. Athena Tzuanos, the new commissioner representing the Northshore Lodging Association, was introduced.  Mr. Myers welcomed her and read the Oath.

Ms. Lowrey led Roll Call. Present:   Carrie Calvin, Kevin Davis, Mark Myers, Thomas Shinn, Darrell Smith, Betty Thomas, Athena Tzuanos, and Kathleen Wilkin. Absent: Stephanie Berault, Kurt Bozant, Martin Bruno, Martin Patel, Donna O’Daniels. Also present were Kathy Lowrey, Valerie Waeltz. There was a quorum.

There were no guests and there was no public comment.

The meeting moved to approval of the minutes from August 5, 2021. Mr. Smith moved to accept the minutes, Ms. Calvin seconded the motion, and the minutes were unanimously approved.

In Mr. Bruno’s absence, Ms. Lowrey provided the Treasurer’s Report. Ms. Calvin moved to accept the report, Mr. Davis seconded the motion, and it was unanimously accepted.

The meeting moved to Old Business with Ms. Lowrey providing an update on the Meeting Room Expansion.  Ms. Lowrey and Mr. Myers had a meeting scheduled with Blitch Knevel Architects scheduled.  Ms. Tina White, the Harbor Center Attorney of record, had advised some changed to the contract.  Ms. Lowrey was waiting for the suggested changes.

Ms. Lowrey stated she is waiting on quotes for the interstate marquee.  Also, the DOTD new signs are in place on the interstate.

Public Relations:  The testimonial videos produced by TCI and Faught Marketing are complete and being used on social media.  The Harbor Center print ads have been redesigned.  There was some discussion of the how the Camillia Bay Resort has targeted the Harbor Center in their ads.   Ms. Lowrey also provided an update regarding the Monument Sign that is being placed on the boulevard.  She is meeting with Parish Officials.

COVID Update:  Some events have postponed due to COVID.  On a positive note, the events have rescheduled to 2022.  And, 2022 is booked and is on pace to be a strong year.

 FEMA: Ms. Lowrey entered into a lease agreement with FEMA until October 30, 2021, with an option to extend.  She will keep the Board up to date with any updates.

General Manager’s Report:  Ms. Lowrey informed the Board of the damages the facility from Hurricane Ida.  She is working with Arty Baudoin (Director of Operations) on any insurance claims.

New Business:  None discussed.

Ms. Waeltz then gave the Sales Report.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:44 am. Ms. Calvin motioned to adjourn and Mr. Davis seconded. It was unanimously agreed upon. The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday,

October 7, 2021 at 9 am.

Respectfully Submitted,

Valerie Waeltz