The meeting was called to order at 9:01 am by Board Chairman, Mr. Mark Myers.

Mr. Martin Bruno gave the invocation and Mr. Myers led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Ms. Lowrey led roll call. Present: Stephanie Berault, Kurt Bozant, Martin Bruno, Kevin Davis, Mark Myers, Donna O’Daniels, Thomas Shinn, Darrell Smith, Don Thanars, Betty Thomas, Athena Tzuanos and Kathleen Wilkin. Absent: Thomas Shimm. There was a quorum. Also present: Kathy Lowrey, Kelly Baudoin, and Valerie Waeltz.

There were no guests. There was no public comment.

To begin, Mr. Myers asked for a motion to read and approve the agenda for the current meeting. Mr. Thanars moved to approve, Mr. Bruno seconded, and it was unanimously approved. The meeting then moved to the review and approval of the minutes from July 7, 2022. Ms. Berault moved to accept the minutes; Mr. Davis seconded. The motion was unanimously agreed upon.

Ms. Lowrey then gave the Treasurer’s report. She reported that the Harbor Center’s expenses were on track for the year and that the revenue vs. budget report would also be on track after a budget adjustment due to the expense incurred due to the damaged parking lot light poles from Hurricane Ida. Mr. Myers asked for a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report. Mr. Bruno motioned, Mr. Bozant seconded, and the motion passed unanimously. Ms. Lowrey also interjected that Senator Hewitt informed her that The Harbor Center will be receiving $162k in excess from the St. Tammany Parish Fund and that this will help offset some of the remaining deficit.

The meeting moved to Old Business. Regarding the meeting room expansion, Ms. Lowrey updated the Board that the Harbor Center’s attorney, Tina White had completed her review of the front-end documents and they were now with Blitch Knevel architects who should complete their review by the end of the week. Ms. Lowrey then gave a report detailing the rise in cost of construction, expenses that will be incurred after construction, as well as deferred maintenance and repair costs projected through the next couple of years. Mr. Myers asked for approval of the new budgeted cost of construction at 3.3 million. Mr. Bruno motioned to accept, and Mr. Smith seconded. The motion unanimously passed.

There was no New Business.

Ms. Lowrey then gave the GM Report. She started by informing the Board that the sewer lift station needed repair as only one of the two pumps was running. The company that originally manufactured the parts for these pumps is no longer in business. The pumps will need to be replaced. The cost to replace both pumps came in at 36k. Mr. Davis motioned for the situation to be declared an emergency to expedite the process. Mr. Smith seconded, and the Board unanimously approved.  Ms. Lowrey also informed the Board that a committee to review Harbor Center salaries as well as rental and equipment rates had been formed. They have had one meeting and plan on a second. Their initial finding was that expenses were in line with similar facilities. Finally, Ms. Lowrey highlighted that the Harbor Center’s calendar is very full with bookings.

Ms. Waeltz presented the sales report.

Commissioner Thanars also informed the Board on his run for St. Tammany Parish School Board, District A. Commissioner Wilken updated the Board on a Go Fund Me page supporting the relocation of a Ukrainian family to Slidell. Commissioner Myers gave an update on the Lobby Lounge.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:53 am. Mr. Smith motioned to adjourn, and Mr. Bozant seconded. It was unanimously agreed upon. The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday,

October 6, 2022, at 9 am.

Respectfully Submitted,

Kelly Baudoin