Use of The Harbor Center name, logo, or location is prohibited until a contract has been executed. Upon approval of the contract, all printed and digital materials must be submitted to the Event Manager prior to publication in order to avoid errors or misprints concerning The Harbor Center.

Animals and Pets

Animals and pets are not permitted in the building without prior approval of HC Management. Approval is determined on the basis of whether the animal or pet is an integral part of an exhibit or performance. Service animals are permitted as long as it is on a leash, within a pen, or under similar control.

Building Damage

You are responsible for any damage caused by your staff, contractors, exhibitors or attendees. Walkthroughs will be held before and at the conclusion of your event to ensure no damage is done.

Decorative Materials or Signs

Nothing may be nailed, stapled, tacked, or otherwise affixed to ceilings, painted surfaces, glass, brick walls, fire sprinklers, columns, fabric, floors, decorative walls, permanent directional signs, or podiums throughout the building. All signs should be professional in nature and must meet the approval of HC Management. Hand-lettered signs are not allowed. Neither glitter nor confetti is permitted. No décor or signage may be affixed to the exterior of the facility. Fees will be assessed if materials from your event are left in or on facility property.


Floorplans will be designed for your event and presented to you for approval. Upon approval, the Event Manager must then submit the plans for fire safety approval. If changes are requested, The Harbor Center will cooperate fully to ensure safety for all in attendance. Any changes made after approval of the Fire Inspector will result in a $125 change fee for changes made a day or more before the event. A $250 change fee will be assessed for changes made on the day of the event.


All events are required to secure Comprehensive General Liability Insurance with policy limits of no less than $1,000,000 for each occurrence. A certificate naming The Harbor Center as additional insured with a Waiver of Subrogation in favor of The Harbor Center must be supplied to the Event Manager no less than 10 days prior to the event.


Merchandise sold at your event may be subject to either a 25% fee or a $500 buy-out charge payable to The Harbor Center.


Events that run beyond the agreed-upon time, will result in an overtime charge of $250 per hour.


If you decide to cancel an event due to weather, the following rules will be adhered to:

  • The deposit fee will not be refunded.
  • Rental fees will not be refunded to persons or groups that cancel their booking 10 days of the event booking due to weather.
  • If the weather on the date of the event is severe enough to cause widespread cancellation to all groups using the facility, you will be refunded 80% of your rental fee.

For more details and additional policies, please review our Event Planner Guide. Policies can be found on pages 7 – 10.

Service Guide

Download a copy of The Harbor Center service guide here.