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Event Services

Review our Event Planners Guide for complete information.  Our professional and experienced staff is here to help you to create the event experience that you envision. Here is a summary of our services and facility features.

Event Management

Your Event Manager will be the key player on the team.  This person will take you from initial planning through the move-out phase at the end of your event.

Exhibitor Services

Our Exhibitor Services staff coordinates and forwards your utility needs to the appropriate departments to ensure that your requirements are met.


These experts are critical to ensure the heat, air condition, and other building systems work well for your event. House lighting, heat or air conditioning will be provided as required during event hours.


All facility lighting requests and power for clients and exhibitors are efficiently handled by our staff.


We offer high-speed internet and turnkey data networking services. There is a wireless network throughout the Center.


Your security profile is determined by The Harbor Center’s Management in conjunction with the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Department or another designated security company.  We will collect vital information from you to create your security profile.

Guest Services

One of the benefits of our Center is free and convenient parking.  We will also provide office support services at competitive rates. Arrangements can be made with the Event Manager.


Our Housekeeping Department is the reason our Center is beautifully clean and presentable at all times but especially for your event.


We are proud of our energy efficiency design. We are one of only 16 convention centers nationwide to participate it eh EPA Energy Star Program.

Building Services

We provide tables, chairs, risers and other standard equipment and we reconfigure our space to meet your needs.

Technical Services

Our Technical Services Department sets staging, house lighting, and audio.  Work with your Events Manager to discuss your requirements.

Food and Beverage Catering

You are coming to Louisiana- the home of great food.  We want your experience to exceed your expectations. We have an in-house caterer- Patton’s Catering. They are our preferred caterer. However, you can select an outside licensed caterer from the other wonderful operators in our area.   We require a 15% fee of the caterer’s total bill to cover our expenses related to food service.


Our Sales Department works with your on initial booking of your event and through the administration of your contract.  Your contract is our legal commitment to each other. Details are in the Event Planning Document.

Facility Policies

Our general policies are detailed in the Event Planners Guide.  They cover the following areas:

  • Advertising
  • Animals and Pets
  • Building Damage
  • Floor Plans
  • Freight Deliveries
  • Insurance
  • Merchandising
  • Overtime
  • Sales/Use Taxes and Licenses
  • Smoking
  • Vehicles
  • Weather Contingencies