Do you want to get more involved in making St. Tammany a great place to live? Consider joining the Friends of The Harbor Center. This non-profit 501(c)3 organization is made up of like-minded volunteers who work to raise development funds for maintaining the venue and for sponsoring quality events on behalf of The Harbor Center. The mission of the Board is to:

  • To develop and execute creative ways to raise funds.
  • To seek out other funding methods such as grants, endowments, gift opportunities or The Harbor Center sponsorship opportunities.
  • To coordinate with theĀ  The Harbor Center staff to utilize the funds for producing events, bidding on events or purchasing items to enhance the center’s aesthetics or marketability.

There are numerous ways to participate — you can volunteer your time and talent to one of their annual events or your company may consider a sponsorship of an event for advertising purposes or to be used as tax deductible gifts to The Harbor Center. Careful planning can make charitable giving a true personal and financial advantage, to the donor as well as The Harbor Center.

Revenues of the Friend’s of The Harbor Center Corporation are to be dedicated to the exclusive or sole benefit of The Harbor Center.

Our Friends of The Harbor Center Board:

Joe Montelepre
Pete Hanson
Eleanor Cumbow
Dee Geraci
Richie Artigue
Linda Larkin
Brenda Geier
Gene Bellisario
Don Shea
Greg Ireton

The Harbor Center Board of Directors